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Whether you live in Sarasota, Charlotte county or Lee County septic repair can be very frustrating at times. Water Safe Plumbing in Port Charlotte takes the worry out of these troubling times. With experience working directly with the local health department we are able to get permits turned around quickly.

Usually the health department will require an entire replacement if the unit is concrete and cracked or if it is plastic and partially collapsed. But don’t worry we have 1000 gallon tanks readily available to install. The biggest hold up in getting a replacement approved is the health departments initial inspection of the property when they determine the new septic’s elevation and location.

Most septic problems are actually not the tank but rather an old clogged up drain field. When repairing drain fields we use a product called the ARC 24 leech field chamber which is substantially more durable and effective as the standard rock leech field bed. A drain field replacement in total is usually a week long process but the drain line can be used again as soon as the chambers are set and connected.

“Septic repairs are frustrating but with Water Safer Plumbing we take the worry out of these troubling times.”

-David Clifford (Owner Water Safe Plumbing)

  • Septic Replacement: Some concrete septic tanks can last up to 40 years. properly installed plastic tanks can last even longer. In order for you to increase the lifespan of your septic tank, it is important to regularly get your tank pumped, maintained, and inspected. ​
  • Septic Repair: Septic systems always experience problems at the most inconvenient times. Regardless if you have residential or commercial properties, give us a call if you are experiencing a problem.
  • Drain Fields: Whether you need drain field repair or restoration, we can get it taken care of for you. The average drain fields lifespan lasts 17-20 years…if properly maintained. Do yourself a favor and avoid driving on it or planting trees near it.

Symptoms of a Drainfield Problem

Most septic system problems and failures are more often than not due to a drainfield problem – not a septic tank problem. The following symptoms could mean that your drainfield is impermeable; or no longer able to absorb wastewater properly.

  • Septic / Sewer Odor
  • Slow Draining Sinks
  • Slow Draining Showers and Bathtubs
  • Slow Draining Toilets
  • Gurgling Pipes
  • Sewage Backups
  • Sewage Ponding (sewage pooling in your yard)

Water Safe Plumbing can work on any type of Septic system.

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