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What is a well and how does it work?

Wells are holes drilled into the ground to access groundwater contained in aquifers. The depth of the well depends on the depth of the aquifer. A pipe and pump pull the water out, while a filter system removes unwanted particulate and purifies the water.

What’s in well water?

Well water is more likely to be hard water, meaning that it contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water containing minerals can be a good thing. Still, too many minerals can create build-up in pipes and heating systems, leading to costly repairs. Hard water also performs poorly with soaps and detergents, leaving spots on dishes, shower doors, and generally not cleaning things as well as soft water.

Water coming from your well is also more likely to encounter other contaminants. Depending on where you live, iron, sulfur gas, arsenic, nitrates, tannins, and various other items found in nature could be present. Some parts of the country do not have iron issues. In contrast, other areas might have entire neighborhoods with whole-home iron filters to prevent rust stains from forming on everything their water touches.

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David Clifford
Licensed Contractor

Wells are tricky business but with the right contractor repairs can be quick and worry free. Water Safe Plumbing stocks all well pumps and repair parts at our shop in Port Charlotte. When you call Water Safe Plumbng you can be sure that your repair will be done quick and efficiently.

Work done by my plumbers is backed by the Water Safe Plumbing guarantee. If youre not happy with your service I will personally come out and make it right.

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